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If you're looking for change in lifestyle, or just a little bit of excitement, a job on an oil refinery might interest you. There are positions in South Africa and all over the world for hard workers to embrace a new way of living. Oil refinery work is so much different than any boring office job.

Oil refinery work in South Africa and abroad will not only give you the feeling of worker satisfaction, but also reward you with very competitive salary. Those who choose to work overseas at an oil refinery get to see exotic lands, live offshore, and relax in the amazing facilities offered to workers.

These facilities differ from each oil refinery to the next, but they usually include satellite TV in every room, saunas, gyms, and recreational facilities, as well as 24 hour food service. Plus, the employer will pay for the workers to be flown out to and from South Africa during the breaks.

Oil refinery workers usually work in 8 to 12 hour shifts for a couple weeks at a time, seven days in a row. They then have a couple weeks off to spend with family or explore the land. This means nearly half the year is spent on vacation. Many people choose to work for a couple months on a rig and then stay home for a couple months because of the immense profits available to make.

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